About the Zanzuri Real Estate Group

The Zanzuri Real Estate Group is composed of a number of well-established companies from the realm of real estate, dealing with holdings, entrepreneurship, implementation and construction of projects of varying extents.
Mr. Freddy Zanzuri, one of the veteran and well-regarded contractors in Israel and veteran member of the Israel Builders Association, established the group about 50 years ago. He holds the title of “Rav Kablan” (Master Contractor), which the Association awards to its senior members.
In each of the numerous projects the group has undertaken over the years, the extensive experience accumulated by the group is prominent, as well as the efficient and practical smart construction, responsibility towards the purchasers, the service throughout the process to the satisfaction of both customers and suppliers.
The group has acquired extensive experience in purchasing land by means of “combination transactions” and has completed these projects to its satisfaction as well as the full satisfaction of the landowners and the customers. For this reason the group is also involved in a number of Evacuation Construction and TAMA 38 (Regional Outline Plans), which are very similar to a “combination transaction”.
Currently the group is managed by contractor and entrepreneur Rafi Zanzuri (50), who has expanded the activity of the group to the fields of real estate for industry, commerce and hotels. His vast experience both within the group and outside it enables the group to leverage its assets, its capabilities and its knowhow, while maintaining the caution and responsibility required in an industry composed of ever changing, flexible situations in our turbulent environment.
Rafi Zanzuri has served as chairman of the Netanya Contractors and Builders Association since 2005. The impressive success of the organization under his leadership has led to his re-election, with an overwhelming majority time after time.
The joint Managing Director of the group is Benny Zanzuri (40), who has wide-ranging experience of more than 20 years in the field, among other things from the time he spent working under his father’s guidance in the family companies. The added value that Benny brings in the fields of implementation and his specialization in innovative building methods are of tremendous value to the company and its customers.

לוגו התאחדות בוני הארץ

And a little more…
While some of our customers here at the Zanzuri Real Estate Group purchase apartments as “profit bearing assets”, others regard the purchase of an apartment as the major investment of their lifetimes, and for a considerable number of them it represents an expense, for many years to come, using the best of their savings.
We understand that for most of the families an apartment or a house, in which they live, constitutes the major portion of the family’s investment portfolio, and they should be related to accordingly. Our companies are proud of our choice of lands with the greatest growth potential and most attractive locations, close to educational and community institutions for the children, commercial and cultural centers and of course a developing environment with easy accessibility – all of which is in order to ensure that the home they purchase is not only of high quality, comfortable and dream fulfilling, but also a smart and sensible long-term investment, the role of which is to secure their future.
An identical attitude exists, of course, towards landowners and apartment owners in the projects of Evacuation Construction. A project such as this succeeds when all the parties profit and we regard them as partners and primary interested parties in the building. We are aware of the fear of the unknown when setting out on a joint path such as this, and we try to minimize the uncertainty and doubts. We are proud to state that our experience teaches us that the investment in the smallest details of the building generates, at the end of the process, for us and our partners, great economic viability and a rise in the value of the assets for all parties.
We try harder! Beginning with the selection of the plot, through close and attentive cooperation with our outstanding professional planning teams, under the close supervision of our certified foremen and the contractor himself.
At the Zanzuri Real Estate group, the people from whom the customer purchases the apartment are also those he will later encounter at the building site. Furthermore, we understand that everyone wants his home in a different manner. Therefore, when purchasing an apartment from our group, the purchaser will discover to what extent responsible and concerned consultation has the potential for huge financial savings when it comes to needless changes and purchases.
Many of our purchasers are return customers, or those who have received a warm recommendation from our satisfied customers, because we at the Zanzuri Real Estate Group believe that good service is an obligation and that the satisfaction of our customers is worthwhile for us too.


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Mr. Freddy Zanzuri Z”L receives the title of “Master Contractor” from the senior officials of the Association.
Mr. Freddy Zanzuri Z”L receives the title of “Master Contractor” from the senior officials of the Association.
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