Customer Service

For most customers the apartment or house they purchased from us constitutes the most significant investment they will ever make in their lifetimes. Since we are fully aware of this and relate to this with the fullest respect, we thank our customers for choosing us.

Accordingly we decided that excellent customer service shall be standard to which our company aspires. From the moment you enter our sales office, we will do our best to make the purchasing process as pleasant and as easy as possible for you. We shall continue to closely accompany you also during the construction process, selection of materials and interior design. We shall advise you in areas connected directly and indirectly with your purchase to help you gain the maximum benefit from it. After you take up residency in your new home we shall continue to accompany you, for as long as you wish, and will not simply disappear after your first period of residency. Quite the opposite, Zanzuri Real Estate Group shall continue to be your address for any matter relating to the construction of your home also in the coming years.

This is our promise! No matter whether the apartment you purchased was for residence or investment, we want you to be among the many hundreds of satisfied customers who can testify that purchasing a home from the Zanzuri Real Estate Group is a purchase accompanied by peace of mind!

Residents of the Zanzuri Group who are interested in contacting us are invited to fill out their details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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