85 Herzl Street, Netanya

At the central entrance to the city, at an attractive and accessible location, an exclusive 9-floor building with just 2 apartments on each floor is being constructed, a few meters from the Canyon, the city market, commercial centers and important municipal and other institutions. Additional advantages are very convenient entry to and exit from the city as well as proximity to industrial areas.
The four-room apartments are especially suitable for young families or more mature couples, as well as being a sound real estate investment.
The building will be erected using modern construction methods, while the planning and design are the most advanced possible and the quality is uncompromising, as always with Zanzuri Real Estate Group projects.
The building is located on a central axis (Herzl Street) that the Netanya Municipality has designated for development as part of the Urban Renewal Project, and in the years to come the area is expected to change its appearance (it is recommended to view the municipality’s plans appearing here in the Urban Renewal tab).

logo_tall_square_200x200 If you would like to be located in the most accessible and central site in the city, or are looking for a worthwhile real estate investment – there is no better a place! This is the opportunity and this is the place for you!
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Only for purposes of illustration – only the technical specification that appears in the signed agreement is binding on the company.  

logo_tall_square_200x200The Netanya Municipality has set for itself the target of renewing the center of the city in general and Herzl Street in particular. The mayor, Ms. Miriam Feirberg Ikar has stated in this regard: “The time has come to extend and improve the quality of life of this veteran city, that beating heart, in which the legend of the city of Netanya began. We are happy and proud to present before you the plan of action and implementation of the renewal of the city center”. Recently a convention was held dealing with renewal of the city center and impressive action plans were presented. Links to the convention and the presentation can be found on this page:

Municipality’s Presentation for Urban Renewal.

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